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There is a lot of talk these days about legalizing marijuana or "weed". One of the substances in weed is already available in products. Here is a little info on that substance.

CBD is one of 100 compounds found in marijuana. It often comes from a cannabis plant known as hemp. This compound is extracted from the plant and is added to oils, creams and lotions and sold in candles and liquid drops.

CBD does not get people high, although it may have a calming effect. Another substance in marijuana called THC is what causes the mind-altering effect. These products with CBD may contain some THC and because none of this is fully evaluated or approved by the FDA, there is no way to know if, or how much THC, is in these products.

The hype with this substance is the claim of treatment of pain, relief of anxiety, help in sleep, and keeping you focused. These claims are based on testing done in mice or rats, or test tubes. Only a small amount of human research has been reported so far.

One exception to this research has resulted in a medication on the market to treat 2 rare seizure disorders. This exception was granted by the FDA based on strong evidence of effectiveness. An interesting finding made from this research was that CBD changed the way the body processed other medications.

If you choose to purchase a product with CBD, for whatever effect you are looking for, be aware that the amount of CBD in the product, as listed on the label, may not be accurate. It may also contain varying amounts of THC in it. If you are subject to random urine drug screenings for your job, you might fail.

Research is already underway or is planned for effects of CBD on autism, cancer, chronic pain, alcoholism with PTSD and psychiatric disorders. These results may take years.

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